Session Estimate + Booking

Booking a session with The Piano Studio is simple! Feel free use our new rates calculator to generate an estimate for your next recording project!

We offer recording on either (or both) of our pianos at an hourly rate (which applies to the whole session), as well as other instruments with or without piano. The studio is also available for rental as a performance, meeting, or rehearsal space.

If you will be recording vocalists, using both pianos, or performing with other instruments, a half-hour setup fee is automatically added to your total (drums and ensembles may require significantly more setup time).

Be sure to check any discounts that apply to you for the best rate! (Only the most common offers are shown, please let us know on the next page if you will be using any additional discounts.)

Each session and client is unique, so please remember that this is just an estimate. The cost of your studio time may vary from this estimate, based on the actual duration of your session. Sessions must be cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled time or fees may apply.

Extra instruments/vocalists do not affect hourly rate.
Half hour of setup will be added automatically.
(use decimal form, e.g. 3:30 is 3.5)
Include time for mixing/editing and CD production.
Small project and individual rates are $75 / hour.
Large project rates vary based on setup required and usage type (profit/non-profit) et cetera.
The final studio tracks will be matched to the video. We can produce playable DVD's. Discounts do not apply to video.
Our pianos are always kept in good tune, but for high-profile projects that require a fresh, crisp sound we do offer day-of tuning (for which we charge half the technician's fee).

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