Steinway Model D

9' Concert Grand Piano

Steinway & Sons pianos are the overwhelming choice of concert halls and pianists worldwide, known for their superior craftsmanship and gorgeous tonal quality. The flagship of the series, the 9' Model D Concert Grand, which takes a year to produce, will completely satisfy those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression.

The Piano Studio acquired our concert grand in late 2010, which has been inspiring and delighting our clients ever since. Even within the world-class family of Steinway pianos, we believe ours to be a truly unique and exceptional instrument.

Our Model D (serial #522178) was manufactured in 1991 at the USA factory in Astoria, Queens, New York. It had some early enhancements made, including the installation of Renner Hammers and Action (standard in Hamburg Steinways as well as other leading pianos, including vintage New York Steinways and Bösendorfer pianos). The result is a action that is light to the touch, with little resistance, allowing a performer to play with ease and great dynamic range.

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More about the history of our Steinway

Our Steinway was originally purchased by the family of a child prodigy, who as a student played with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra five times prior to his 11th birthday. At 18, he was one of the youngest musicians to ever graduate from The Juilliard School with a Master's degree.

This talented young pianist toured internationally with Paul Badura-Skoda (the famous Austrian pianist and scholar, born 6 October 1927) who for many years had more recordings available than any concert pianist alive (including the complete cycles of piano sonatas of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert).

Badura-Skoda's is the first of three signatures that appear on the soundboard of the instrument. The second belongs to Henry Z. Steinway (August 23, 1915 – September 18, 2008) the last Steinway president of Steinway & Sons from from 1955 to 1977, and the great-grandson of the company founder Henry E. Steinway. The final signature is that of Franz Mohr, who was Steinway Chief Concert Technician 1968–1992. On behalf of Steinway he worked and toured with the world's leading concerts pianists, such as Vladimir Horowitz, Arthur Rubenstein, Rudolf Serkin, and Glenn Gould.

Baldwin SF-10

7' Studio Grand Piano

Our 7' Baldwin has a deep, resonant bass that rivals almost any piano its size, a luxurious mid-range, and a bell-like ringing upper register, with long lasting, complex overtones. In addition, its action is extremely even, and a joy to play.

Baldwin pianos have a long and storied past, with many distinguished past and present "Baldwin Artists" who have chosen to compose, perform and record using Baldwin pianos, including the pianists Walter Gieseking, Claudio Arrau, Jorge Bolet, Earl Wild; composers Philip Glass, Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Leonard Bernstein and John Williams; and jazz pianists Dave Brubeck and Dick Hyman.

The Piano Studio acquired its stunning Baldwin SF-10 Studio Grand in 1998, chosen personally at the factory in Truman Arkansas by pianist/owner Martin Buff. It has been maintained by the finest piano technicians over the years, and currently is maintained by Mr. Bob Dillinger, head piano technician for Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington.

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Side by Side

Comparison (Specifications)

Dimensions Concert Grand Studio Grand
Length 8' 11¾" 7' 0"
Width 5' 1¼" 5' ⅛"
Year 1991 1998
Soundboard Sitka Spruce
Eastern White Spruce
Strings Swedish Steel
(Copper Wound)
SynchroTone IITM
Action Renner Renner
Model № D 522178 SF 341464